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The Annual Food Security Future Summit

The Annual Food Security Future Summit is a flagship program organized by CAFS. It brings together stakeholders from various sectors including government, NGOs, farmers, researchers, and private sector actors to discuss and address the challenges and opportunities in achieving food security. The summit serves as a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and collaborative action towards sustainable and resilient food systems.

1. To raise awareness about the challenges facing the global food system and the impact of climate change on food security.
2. To bring together stakeholders from different sectors and backgrounds, including government agencies, NGOs, the private sector, and communities, to discuss food security and the impact of climate change.
3. To develop and promote sustainable and equitable solutions that ensure everyone has access to safe and nutritious food, regardless of where they live or their socio-economic status.
4. To create a network of stakeholders that can work together to promote food security and address the challenges facing the global food system.

Key Themes:
1. Climate change and its impact on food security.
2. Sustainable and equitable food systems, including the use of technology, innovation, and best practices.
3. Engaging communities and building local capacity to promote food security.
4. The role of government and the private sector in supporting sustainable and equitable food systems.


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